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Support the Effort

Support the Effort

At the University of Michigan, we have long recognized that our commitment to serving the public good is equally matched by our community’s dedication to serving one another. We see great hope in the way so many people are uniting for a common cause, and we are thankful to those who have already helped.

The University of Michigan is committed to providing an outstanding education this academic year. We are harnessing the ingenuity, resilience and resources of the entire university community to make this possible.

Philanthropic support has always been vital to fulfilling U-M’s mission and the economic impact of the pandemic makes private contributions even more critical.

This has the potential to be one of Michigan’s finest hours. Join us.

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Health, Safety and Campus Experience

As long as the pandemic lasts, U-M will invest in the tools we need to keep the campus community safe while also providing a Michigan-quality education.

A future fund will support the costs associated with extensive testing, contact tracing, and protective equipment to keep our academic facilities, residence halls, dining facilities and community spaces safe. It will also support the effort to develop and deploy innovative, high-quality, hybrid-adaptive course content for thousands of U-M courses.

Student Support

We are committed to keeping a U-M education accessible to all.

About two-thirds of U-M first-year students already receive financial aid, and the pandemic has exacerbated that need. For example, Michigan unemployment rates have soared above 22 percent this spring, and we expect many of our new and returning students worldwide to have unanticipated needs that may threaten their ability to stay or come to U-M. We need more resources to help students succeed when their financial circumstances have taken a hit.

Donor support will address urgent emergency needs and student financial aid for both undergraduate and graduate students.

COVID-19 Research

Researchers across a wide variety of disciplines at U-M are deploying their expertise to address the global COVID-19 pandemic, from vaccines and therapies to its social and economic impact.

For example, U-M researchers invented an individualized vent-splitter to enable multiple patients to share a single ventilator, while other faculty are analyzing the impact of the pandemic on parenting, food insecurity or mental health. U-M supporters will help further this research and improve quality of life worldwide.

Would you like more information about ways to support the COVID-19 research efforts? Reach out to:

Maher Salah Sr. Director of Development - Strategic Initiatives
Office of University University Development
msalah@umich.edu, 734-764-5639