Weekly Testing Requirements for Undergraduates

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Helping keep the community safe

ResponsiBLUE is a tool to help support campus health and safety by providing you with a quick daily symptom check for COVID-19.

Each day, all members of our campus community who enter campus buildings and facilities are required to use ResponsiBLUE to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms by answering a brief set of questions. The tool offers advice on where to seek care if you are not well and provides insights and visibility to the state of public health at U-M.

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NEW: COVID-19 Test Verification

ResponsiBLUE now provides U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students with their COVID-19 testing status by noting the date of their last test through U-M testing programs. All undergraduate students are responsible for ensuring they have the required green symptom check and the green "Completed" COVID-19 test verification to be on campus.

U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students who live on campus, are registered for an in-person or hybrid class, or who come to campus for research, work or other activities (i.e. libraries, union, Rec. Sports, Dining) in campus buildings are required to complete weekly mandatory COVID-19 testing through U-M. This allows for immediate information sharing with the university for timely and accurate tracking of testing completion and compliance.

Undergraduate students will either have a "COMPLETED" or "EXPIRED" status displayed on their screen at the end of the symptom check process.

Because people can be infected with COVID-19 and not show any symptoms, students living off campus who do not have a regular need to come to campus still are encouraged to participate in routine COVID-19 testing through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program to help protect the health of the U-M community. Doing so also will make it easy to come on campus when students would like to or if the need arises.

Completed - You are cleared to be on campus

Completed - You are cleared to be on campus

Expired - You are NOT cleared to be on campus

Expired - You are NOT cleared to be on campus

ResponsiBLUE & Mandatory Testing FAQs