Public Health Community Notices

Public health community notification is designed to proactively make the U-M community aware of positive cases that were present in a U-M building(s) during their infectious period. U-M Environment Health & Safety (EHS) is conducting investigations of positive cases and their close contacts in conjunction with the Washtenaw County Health Department. Those individuals and their close contacts receive specific communications regarding their situation.

The intent of the community notification(s) is to notify others of the positive case, communicate that there is no increased risk of exposure and to encourage them to monitor themselves for symptoms and follow preventative measures as they have currently been doing. These notifications are meant to be informational for those that are not a close contact.

Please note: in an effort to protect privacy, notifications regarding positive cases in classrooms will not be posted or included in building notifications. Class participants will be notified directly whenever necessary. Cases in residence halls (or not) should not be used to make decisions about risk. Additional information on classroom notification can be found here. COVID continues to circulate in the community and risk is present when interacting with others or out in the community. Please continue to use proper health measures.

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